Why I never wanted to blog and why I’m still starting


That’s what gives me shivers, always. Strangers knowing things about you, your life, the vulnerability you put yourself in to. Giving random people access to what you do, who who are, where you are and why. I keep repeating that to myself in my head, it goes round and round. Why would I want that? I asked a couple of successful travel bloggers if they are not afraid of that.

“I mean, you have what? Like 155000 followers? Don’t you think that’s scary? That many people knowing where you are and what you’re drinking at the moment.”

Most of them replied, that they never really thought about it. Even a comparably small number, let’s say, 800 followers. That’s my favourite concert venue sold out. With probably a respectable amount of really creepy dudes.

That’s mainly why I never wanted to blog for myself. That, certainly, requires a certain readership and reach, but in theory.

Nonetheless, the many inspiring people I got to meet and talk to at Matka fair who were in Helsinki for the Nordic Bloggers’ Experience have been so encouraging and motivating me, that I am highly intrigued to see where it could take me. If there’s no opportunity coming for you, you have to search for it. Don’t wait for something to happen, make it happen.

That’s why I’ll start this.

Oh. And I’ll need to learn how to tweet properly.

(“Yeah, awesome and witty. *send* Damn. That could actually work nicely with a picture. *delete* Okay, now. Brilliant. Oh wait, too many characters. Hm. This sucks, it was so good before. Ah, well I guess this will do. *send* Oh man, no hashtags. One should use those right? *delete* Ah, of course, too many characters. Okay, now. It’s really not awesome and witty anymore but there’s a picture and hashtags now. Hooray! *send* Ah wait. Nah. This is senseless. *delete* Okay, Just the picture and hashtags, who cares about witty. *send* #lametweet)

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