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Weekly Log #3

Weekly reviews are somehow always interesting to me, to catch up on people I follow, but also to have something to look forward to reading, some returning type of content - but mainly I'm diving back into the idea to give myself a weekly routine point (like a writing exercise if you will) and also to create a log for myself of what's going on. Back to the roots - to what blogs started out to be. Life moves so fast these days and you lose so many memories and moments, so having a weekly check-in with myself is something that I hope will be somewhat grounding, so here it is, just casually, through my phone (and some additional fancy snaps). Also, I think my mum will like this.


That I love my city can't come as a surprise, but this week might have just strengthened that all that much. For the first time, it really felt like winter, with frost in the air, the first really cold toes (okay I admit, I didn't love that), but it also came with bright blue sky and sunshine, but a day later also with crazy wind and rough seas. I love Finland for its proper seasons, that smack you right in the face with both all of its beauty but also comes at you with vengeance. I had a good friend visit me this week, who has been my trusted walk-and-talk buddy over the years, but since he left Finland also the amount of walks I took by the sea declined. So we managed to catch up with that, getting a nice coffee and exploring our old routes. 

 Work work work

This week was a wild project mix, starting off with the PING studio on food and eating culture at the Mothership of Work Stargate in Ruoholahti. These events bring together influencers, marketing executives and experts of the industry that has its respective theme focus on the day, so we welcomed more than 100 people to discuss food-related campaigns and learn all about the importance of current studies on nutrition and related developments. 

Our team from the Nordic Bloggers' Experience selected and confirmed the participants for the upcoming campaign which resulted in rains of e-mails pouring down on me, but this is actually one of my favourite parts of the project. We keep working hard on the best programme for both attendees and partners - details to come - which is almost as exciting as getting to connect with all the amazing people who will explore Finland with us in January. 

Foodie week

Yeah I'm not surprised that none of my pants fit anymore when I reflect back on weeks like the last which was just full of amazing, but not exactly the most healthy of foods. It was a wild ride from extensive breakfasts at Levain and Story, as well as hefty dinners at Tandoor (best Indian restaurant in town by the way), deliciousness at New Bamboo Center (the one and only single best place for Chinese-Malay food in Helsinki) and a steak feast at Lönkka.

The highlight of the week for me was obviously the work lunch I was treated to on Saturday, at Ask. Ask is undoubtedly one of the top restaurants in the country and it had been on my list for that special occasion that never comes. Their weekend lunch option is a less extensive version of the evening menu, with fewer yet selected dishes that are just in perfect symbiosis full of fresh, light yet deep flavours.


Ravintola Ask

On my mind: My 3-year company anniversary! 

Happy birthday, Luminoucity! Wuah, yes, November 1st marked the day that my business turned 3, so it was at times quite thoughtful to browse through memories of the last years and understand how I got where I am. 

While I'm not much into celebrating myself (can't remember I threw my own birthday party), I decided to host a little party to mainly honour and thank the people that made this whole entrepreneur thing possible for me. While I invited clients and project colleagues, work friends and co-workers, it was also important for me to just thank those who were part of the journey one way or another, by showing support, lending ears, giving hugs and sparkling wine when needed. It's so important to be grateful and to show that to those who matter, and especially amongst us who sit in the same boat of working for themselves. It's all about making the best out of opportunities you're given and make them count. I wrote about the things I wish I had known before working for myself, to summarise all these thoughts. 

Summary & Preview

This coming week looks a lot like the last. Many projects overlapping, many meetings and calls, and even more for the week after, really. My favourite band of all times, Anathema, is playing on Thursday so I'm listening to all the albums on loop and look forward to immersing myself in their music along with a glass or three of melancholic red wine. 

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