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Weekly Log #2

Weekly reviews are somehow always interesting to me, to catch up on people I follow, but also to have something to look forward to reading, some returning type of content - but mainly I'm diving back into the idea to give myself a weekly routine point (like a writing exercise if you will) and also to create a log for myself of what's going on. Back to the roots - to what blogs started out to be. Life moves so fast these days and you lose so many memories and moments, so having a weekly check-in with myself is something that I hope will be somewhat grounding, so here it is, just casually, through my phone (and some additional fancy snaps). Also, I think my mum will like this.

 Work work work

Fully back in Helsinki this week, running from places to another for meetings, get-togethers and also meeting some friends while I was at it. We're in a hot phase for the Nordic Bloggers' Experience, where we will send out confirmations for people who get to come to Finland in January, on Tuesday. 

Other projects for the coming months are starting to manifest now as well, I will be taking over the International Influencer Bonfire for PING Business Festival 2018, which will be bigger and more extensively targeted towards the international community, and I'm wildly excited to get started on brainstorming ideas, work with regions and companies in Finland to build a world-class program for attendees! We had a team photo shoot in the beginning of the week - can't wait to see the final results!

I am super happy to be part of the PING Helsinki Expert Network, which unites freelancers and entrepreneurs for exciting projects, the kick-off meeting was on this week to see how things will progress. We're a bunch of professionals with different focus points, and altogether we're the ultimate And have some wine with the others on board. This is truly my most cherished part of entrepreneurship: all these amazing people who you get to work with and for. There's a unique sense of community in this industry and I'm so damn proud to be part of it!

Food (af)fair

I had a weird moment this Wednesday when I was stuck in a circle and suddenly decided to bake. Banana bread muffins, a lentil stew and my favourite salad. All at once. Like, what is happening. I hate baking, I'm terrible at it and it always makes a huge mess and is just very annoying. So when I decide to bake once a year it's always really weird and random.

The foodie week continued with pumpkin soup at Moko Market, Capricciosa at Via Tribunali and the grand finale at the Ruokamessut (runs at the same time as the book fair), the wine & food fair which is my favourite event of the year, for obvious reasons. Wine at 11 am? Why the hell not, it's weekend. I discovered this amazing bubbly Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, the production is run by a Kiwi-Finnish couple, which puts a nice story to this as well. Not a classic sparkling wine, but a wine that is sparkling. Check out Viinilinna for more wine magic. Yeah, I do realise that this makes no sense but this was the best thing of the day! Other highlights are the best, fresh and delicious piirakka straight out of the oven and the only place for proper parmesan cheese.

Music times

Ah, this autumn is a good one for music and concerts! In pre-weekly-log weeks Tavastia hosted two of my favourite bands already, Fink and Riverside, and now on Tuesday, I was back to see Leprous. If I had to categorise my music taste, it would go in the direction of prog rock in all its variations, and singer-songwriter, soft mellow music, so this has been a good month for both. The Norwegians from Leprous are a fantastic live band, I got to see them already in Barcelona this summer, and a couple of times during the last years. The best part? They wear fancy shirts on stage. Handsome Norwegians in fancy shirts playing good music. What more is there to ask for.

On my mind: Job seekers & attitudes

I am part of many job seeker groups on Facebook, especially those that are specifically designed for foreigners used to be an important source of information for me. Even though I am not looking for full-time positions, I still follow these groups to keep up with what's out there and to get an idea of the environment for fellow foreigners on the hunt in Finland. Over the years I've learnt a lot about the landscape of job search and the market, and I couldn't be more understanding when it comes to the difficulties, particularly related to the language issue and the insane demands that some people and companies have (the other week a post went a bit viral as a company was looking for a cleaner but required a bachelor degree for it. What now?). It's no secret that people who are incredibly overqualified for many jobs they end up taking, and there's plenty of other problems in this, especially for non-EU citizens.

But lately, I get more and more annoyed by the attitude that some people display there, which as a recruiter would immediately put me off. There is so much prejudice out there for when it comes to working in Finland, and instead of support, there is only discouragement. I understand that it's frustrating, but this makes me mad. When someone asks for help and advice for the job search, the overwhelming comment from others in the group is "don't come", "bring cleaning gloves", "don't even try, it's impossible". No, it's not impossible. I'm not trying to project myself as the ultimate example, not by far. But my point is, that these people ask for help and they are asking for constructive input on how to solve a situation that's already difficult. If you have nothing helpful to contribute, then shut up. Luckily there are many people who are really engaged in helping foreigners solve these issues but to be put down like this is just simply unnecessary. 

Summary & Preview

So much work things and equal amounts of good food made a pretty good week. I'm at the point where many projects and future projects are starting to overlap and I need to focus on bringing structure into my daily life to make sure I don't lose myself in between. Especially in self-employment, it's so important to stay on top of everything and to find a system that keeps you organised. Maybe that's worth a blog post? 

Next week continues pretty much like the last one, tons of project meetings, planning and trying to keep it together! 

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