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Weekly Log #1

Weekly reviews are somehow always interesting to me, to catch up on people I follow, but also to have something to look forward to reading, some returning type of content - but mainly I'm diving back into the idea to give myself a weekly routine point (like a writing exercise if you will) and also to create a log for myself of what's going on. Back to the roots - to what blogs started out to be. Life moves so fast these days and you lose so many memories and moments, so having a weekly check-in with myself is something that I hope will be somewhat grounding, so here it is, just casually, through my phone. Also, I think my mum will like this.

 Work work work

This week I embarked on my last campaign trip for the Reima #millionhoursofjoy PR tour I was working on. During the last 3 months we have run this initiative in 11 countries and I ran 5 PR events across Europe. So there was quite a bit of travelling (Sweden, Norway, Poland and Germany), with our grand finale now in the UK, so I was off to good old London. We promote the aim of the company to get kids outside and moving more, gathering one million more hours of active joy - to spread the word and talk about the message, Reima in cooperation with Visit Finland have worked closely with media in all target markets to get it out there.

Families can win a trip to Ruka in March, and one influencer and one journalist from traditional media will be selected as well to join - a whole plane is chartered for this! The event went well, with a cozy media breakfast at the Snow + Rock outdoor store, and already on my way to London I was amazed by how this campaign really is everywhere!

Hikes and hills

After that I was reminded again that shopping in London is dangerous, I met a dear friend for a quick lunch before heading out to Eastbourne for two nights for some girlfriend time with Eva and a hike to the Seven Sisters cliffs. I do feel like I was tricked into this because I did not sign up for all those hills so that was pretty much the end of me. It it hadn't been for the views and the massive amounts Indian food from the night before, I would hate her. The hike to the cliff took us about two hours or so, and we took it easy. The white cliff coastline is absolutely amazing and the weather was pretty good actually, we were taken in by the windy clouds, but also were graced with warm rays of Sunshine and the most refreshing coastal winds. On the way back, pub food and a beer were the perfect reward.

Back to HEL

Helsinki welcomed me back with frosty degrees and bright autumn lights. Töölönlahti was as beautiful as it could be in this time of year. Date Night Friday took us to Café Bar 9, an old favourite, for dinner - the menu has just a great selection and everything is delicious. We headed to the Linnanmäki light carnival afterwards, for the first time for me actually! Every year before the local amusement park closes down for the winter, they light it up beautifully and open it during weekend nights. I have a major thing for ferris wheels, and the view over nighttime Helsinki is just stunning every time again.

I spend the Saturday mostly at the I Love Me fair at Messukeskus as it is tradition with a good friend of mine, picked up some cosmetics nobody needs and went for a delicious Poke Bowl at Eat Poke (Mikonkatu 8, a bit hiden in Aikapiha) - such recommendation! It was so much more delicious than expected.

On my mind: #metoo

It was impossible to not come by this hashtag during the week, which was posted by countless women around the world to raise awareness to the magnitude of the problem that is sexual harassment and assault. It took me a couple of days to think about it and to finally share it on my personal Facebook account as well, and even add a little personal note to it. I don't know a single woman who hasn't been confronted with this and while I personally remember the first incident so clearly and have been in this position over and over again during the years, I found it important to speak up. Just like many I usually don't partake in these hashtag campaigns, but having felt ashamed and secretive over many things for years, it also felt somewhat liberating to contribute. The reactions from friends have been amazing and generally, I was stunned by all the male support for everyone I encountered across the web. No, a hashtag won't change anything. But that's also not the purpose of it. It so brings this topic to the surface and in a way, I feel like it created a common understanding amongst women and took away the fear of talking about it and be judged. I just hope that it will keep going for longer than the ice bucket challenge. 

Summary & Preview

The final part of the PR tour project was a big thing for me, I am super happy with how things went, to have been part of this ride but I'm also glad this big chunk of work is behind me for now! No time for a break, it goes straight on with #NBEfinland - the biggest campaign for international influencers is returning in January and we have to get down to it, in addition to some writing jobs and projects that are just taking shape at the moment. It's good to settle in back home, do a deep clean and sort my life back into place. 

To-do lists are long, coffee is stocked up and I'm actually looking forward to starting this week! 

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    Veera Bianca
    October 22, 2017 at 21:04

    YAY for weekly logs! I also love to read this kind of posts from people I follow, so hope you keep this up! 😉 Let’s get some coffee and to do list business on next week together somewhere!

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