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The Luxembourg Diaries: Part III – Return Packing List

I try to visit Luxembourg 1-2 times a year and every time I arrive with an empty suitcase and return with excess baggage. The things you can get in or around Luxembourg are certainly the best of all worlds, Luxembourgish specialities of course, but also the best of Belgium, Germany and France can be found at any regular shop. Here’s what I shop for my stash in Helsinki.

Paté Riesling

Not really something to stash, but my standard snack for the road or to immediately take to friends as soon as I arrive. This Luxembourgish speciality is a “fancy meat pie”, but the extravagant thing is the white white jelly that the space between the dough and the meat is filled up with. Not only the taste is amazing but also it makes the whole thing juicy – as meat pies of this kind tend to be quite dry. They come in different shapes and sizes, this is the common snack size, but they also come in slices garnished with egg and pickle.

300x186_pates_riesling_2x(picture through


Fiero is a kind of Martini I have only seen in Belgium and Luxembourg so far – together with sparkling wine it is my ultimate happiness drink! This martini is infused with blood orange, making it much sweeter than Aperol or Campari – it looks rather similar though. Give it a try! I usually take the massive 1,5l bottle which is a great deal.



..or steak tartare is a speciality from the region, very common also in Belgium and France. It’s raw minced beef seasoned with (amongst others) pepper and egg, my favourite toppings are raw onions and capers. Finns seem to not being so convinced by the idea of raw meat, so something like this is very uncommon up North. You get the best from Table du Pain on amazing fresh Baguette rustique, but also at Oberweis. I wish I could take more of this, but I usually take one for the journey home.

Sauce Andalouse

I have spread the craze about Andalouse all around different countries already, this Belgian sauce is DIVINE. I recently learned that there are two sauce fractions human kind can be divided in to – Team Andalouce or Team Tartar. I am definitely team captain of the Andalouse supporters! It goes with anything: bbq-meat to start with, on sandwiches, with fries, potatoes or as a dip of all kind. It is rather strange that this sauce has not made it past the borders of BeNeLux as everyone who ever tried it is obsessed with it. Last summer I took seven bottles for myself and friends. In the store it will look something like this:soooossen

Sparkling cassis wineDSC_0942

Bernard Massard is certainly the most well-known brand of Luxembourgish wine, you can even get it in Finland! What they don’t have is are the flavoured versions though, my favourite is the Cassis one, but also Peach is amazing. I guess this would be something you could also make yourself with juice or syrup, but just in case I have space left – I take at least a piccolo size for that special occasion.

Blanne Jang

DSC_0546CHEESE-FILLED-BACON-WRAPPED-SAUSAGES. No more words needed. Oh, yes: ADD ANDALOUSE. This year four packs found their way in my bags, for the freezer and for showing off the best thing ever at bbq-parties to come.


 What are you taking from your home?

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    Keli D Images
    July 2, 2014 at 14:56

    Please tell me where you got your cheese filled bacon wrapped sausage at!:) that sounds amazing!! Great post. Look forward to trying these items out while here in Lux.

    • Reply
      July 2, 2014 at 15:04

      I got them at Auchan, look for “Wiener Garnie” which is the “official” term for it, they should also be available at Cactus. Let me know how you liked them, and don’t forget the Andalouse sauce with them 🙂

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