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The Luxembourg Diaries: Part I – Prologue


Last Tuesday I was standing in our apartment at the open fridge whining to my flatmate about how the weather in Helsinki for Juhannus, the Midsummer celebratory weekend, looks rather average and how I’m going to miss out on Luxembourgs magnificent National Holiday celebration again. Four years ago it was the last time I was back in my home country for this event, and of all the times I was there, I have wonderful memories of the night.

“Wait. I can’t fix the weather but maybe I can fix the other issue.”
…she said and a couple of hours later I had booked a flight for Thursday and collected orders of Leipäjuusto, Reindeer and Salmiakki for the homepeople.

I was born and raised in Luxembourg, probably one of the best countries to grow up in; multicultural, multilingual, small and safe. Since I moved away from home in 2007, the city has evolved rapidly, but also my personal perception of Luxembourg has changed quite a bit, I guess it comes with age or something. Moving all over the place to Germany, Canada, back to Germany and ending up in Finland, I have been lucky that the homesickness has only rarely overcome me but I am always looking forward to returning home every time I go. My roots are there, my parents, the house I grew up in, memories of schooldays (sneaking out during lunch break to get a panini at Auchan like the cool kids and being super scared of Retenue), the first nights out to see bands – you get the idea.

Luxembourg is easily overlooked, so small and so seemingly irrelevant (only when it comes EU issues and cheap gas we get interesting) – I hope that with a couple of blog posts over the next few days I can contribute a little bit to change that – let me show you my home, a little and wonderful place.


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    Keli D Images
    June 25, 2014 at 21:52

    Wonderful photos! I am living in Luxembourg for the summer with my family. My daughter has the same travel addict parents that you do:) She is only two and this year alone she will have traveled to seven countries! Love your blog… look forward to more post!

    • Reply
      June 27, 2014 at 11:03

      Thank you Keli! Your daughter is a lucky girl 😉 enjoy Luxembourg, it’s a great place to be in summer (only the sea is missing!). Great photos on your blog as well – looking forward to read more about your expat-experiences in Lux!

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