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Nordic Bloggers’ Experience 2015

Matka_NBE_logo15_pvm_A couple of weeks ago I started working with Inna-Pirjetta Lahti and her company Innastus, as Project Coordinator for the Nordic Bloggers’ Experience which will take place from January 10th – 17th 2015.

NBE is a national campaign for international travel bloggers that is organised with Visit Finland and Visit Helsinki. Together with ten fantastic destinations in Finland, we have set-up a fantastic program to show off Finland to over 40 great bloggers from all around the world. I will be part of the group both as part of the organisational team as well as a host blogger with Luminoucity, which I’m very very happy about! I will accompany the groups going to Porvoo and Espoo – both destinations just around the corner from Helsinki, and the programs look wonderful. As an official Visit Helsinki representative I will also guide a bunch of bloggers to a flight over Helsinki with a helicopter as well as an “amazing race” around Helsinki! I can’t wait!

DSC_0941Tired and happy NBE fairies Inna and Kathrin

With NBE 2014 things kind of started with me! I had just graduated a few weeks before and the seminar day had a bunch of very interesting talks on what I had written my thesis on – how bloggers and destinations can work together. I desperately e-mailed requests to attend, and Inna generously had me join the workshop day and credit me as official blogger of NBE. I was well aware of blogging, but to be honest: I had no idea how close, friendly and big the “scene” and the community of travel bloggers is. I met a bunch of people that evidently motivated me to give the blog idea Luminoucity a try.

So right, this time around I’m “on the other side”, and hoping to make new friends, meet bloggers I’ve been following for a while and to get a new flash of inspiration to kick-start 2015.

Follow our adventures around Finland:



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