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NBE phone recap

The Nordic Bloggers’ Experience 2016 is officially over since last Wednesday and I’ve slowly found my pace again, slept properly and had time to go through some of my photos and revisit the memories. We had been working on the campaign since August 2015 and saw it coming to an end when we said goodbye to people last weeks’ Friday.

NBE 2016 was an exciting and stressful week, but the experiences and the thrill of everything that went of made it extremely rewarding and I start buzzing when I think about it again. The biggest campaign for international travel bloggers by MATKA Nordic Travel Fair was stepping up to new dimensions this year with almost 70 participating international and Finnish bloggers. The project week consisted of pre-tours around Finland for bloggers to discover beautiful Finnish winter, followed by the MATKA travel fair and the educational program for bloggers and industryI’m very thankful to have been part of the organising team around Inna-Pirjetta Lahti again, I’ve learnt so much and also gained so much inspiration and knowledge to realise future projects and ideas. Let alone the exchange with professionals is so motivating and encouraging.

This post is just a bit of a ramble of thoughts that came together after going through the pictures on my phone, that make up a pretty nice recap of how the week went for me, even though so much is missing from everything as well. 

  • My week properly started off by joining the pre-tour to Turku and the beautiful archipelago region in Southwest Finland (separate posts to come), which was particularly amazing because the pure winter wonderland and amazing doof.
  • The following day I joined the Accessible NBE tour I had organised together with Sanna Kalmari. We were visited by Martyn Sibley of Disability Horizons, so we explored Helsinki alltogether for the day.


  • At the travel fair, NBE was hosting Blog Labs (hands-on workshops) led by some of the most influential bloggers of the industry, a Keynote on the the persuasion power of social media and a discussion panel, the NBE Talk, on new social media platforms and how to use them in marketing destinations. Muumi came by for hugs and I also met my alter ego Pikku Myy.


  • The busy week at the fair centre was finished off by a wonderful outdoorsy day at Haltia Nature centre in Nuuksio National park.
  • Bloggers on ice (sounds like a cocktail. Can I have a cocktail?) and snowshoeing in the most perfect fluffy powdery snow I had seen in years. The sky was bright and clear, the air was crisp and cold with apparently something around -25°C – and everyone was happy.
  • The evening ended with the the traditional Farewell dinner, all hosted by Visit Espoo. Thanks to the lumberjack themed evening we were all nicely polished up in our best plaid shirts and excited about food from the forest.


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