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In case you missed it: earlier this year, we finally launched our podcast: my friends Alex and Eva and I get together once a week, at the worst possible time ever, to rant about and discuss the things that are on our mind. We revolve mainly around those bits that impact our work life, and the ways it finds into our personal life as well. We have some relationship with influencer marketing and online media, with Alex being a social media personality, video producer and with an Instagram following close to 25k and Eva coming from the PR and communications side, in addition to my background as an independent content marketer and event producer in the field, we make up a pretty feisty trio. 

The idea

I’ve been into podcasts for some time and had been playing with the idea for ages. I’m totally not a video person and not very comfortable in front of cameras altogether, but I like to talk and I’m pretty opinionated. With Alex and Eva, we found the perfect people, and with the idea of discussing topics that are relevant for us and our circle, we found a concept we all felt confident with and excited about.

Our concept for this: let’s meet at the worst possible time, which is usually a Friday early morning, and rant away. Which usually results in a lot of editing.

What we talk about

As I said, we discuss things that come up, that are relevant for us – from business and work struggles, to general topics that are hot and juicy, or something that we kind of just end up at during a conversation over the first coffee of the morning. We kicked it off with our strategies to stay calm and sane when we’re stuck in difficult situations, we discuss the daily struggles us ladies face in Boobs & Boundaries, recently we ventured out and discussed our customer service experiences in Helsinki – to nicely complement our Helsinki tips we feature in every episode.

Why should you listen to us?

Well, we’re super funny, obviously. I’m honoured to share the microphone with these strong independent women, who are not afraid to share their thoughts and to speak their minds. Especially in the setting, before coffee, early mornings, tired af – we get angry. But in a fun way. If you’re interested in the views and opinions of professionals in this field, but you don’t like too overproduced and scripted content – It’s Too Early For This is for you.

Get an impression on how we record? Check out Alex’ video here!


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    Rania {Northbound Journeys}
    March 24, 2019 at 11:54

    Oh I’m super excited to listen! 😀

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