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Finnish winter memories #suomiretki


Winter is undoubtedly here by now, but since I found the past couple of weeks of dreary weather and little snowfall not particularly inspiring, yet I would choose this anytime over the glistening heat of July. It’s a cozy time of year when I snuggle up with some peppermint tea and watch the citylights while working.

So, I to spare myself the unsatisfactory filler-postings I thought about, I took a break from Luminoucity; but found myself browsing through old winter captures that got me really excited for a bunch of Helsinki-Finnish-winter related posts. To get you also in the mood for winter, a selection of my Finnish winter memories is in order, and what I can’t wait to be doing again this season.

Helsinki winter fun

Helsinki is not the most popular destination for visitors in the winter, but those who find their way here are usually surprised by how lovely it really is. The city is so beautifully luminous that the darkness that creeps upon us from 15:30 onwards doesn’t matter anymore, we’re just all in awe of the magical glow it’s dipped in. So let’s cross our fingers for a white Christmas this year.

Escaping into the beautiful outdoors of Helsinki is the best way to avoid winter depression, and using the few hours of daylight is crucial to keep your Vitamin D levels up – remember to smile at the sun!

Ice-skating, especially on the natural skating rinks, is one of my favourite winter activities, unfortunately it’s still a couple of months to go before the see freezes, but the artificial rinks within the city centre region are not to be missed either. Brahenkenttä in Kallio is my personal favourite, it’s huuuge, has good facilities, is inexpensive and easy to get to.

I keep raving about the awesomeness that is Seurasaari to me, in winter it’s less likely you’ll see and get to feed as many squirrels, but a walk around and/or on and about the island is a great short excursion.

Lammassaari is just as gorgeous in the wintertime as in summer – the short hike through the wintery marshlands is literally cool and adventurous. Take a thermosmug with you for a coffee break once you get there.

More to come! For additional inspiration, check Visit Helsinki’s winter fun site!

So long, cheers, winter!




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