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I moved to Finland in 2010 and have since explored the country to my best abilities. Finland is an amazing country full of unexpected experiences and stunningly beautiful nature right at your doorstep, even when you're living the heart of the Capital. I hope I can inspire you to discover more of our beloved Suomi! My favourite way to travel are roadtrips, but all these include plane rides or train trips as well.
  • Weekend Getaway in Tampere Pt II – Design and City Love

    Weekend Getaway in Tampere Pt II – Design and City Love

    Design shopping in all its glory - Tampere is the perfect city for that. Within close proximity to another, there's one exciting store next to another, dive deep into what makes the local and the Finnish design scene, meet the creative minds behind them and drink lots of fancy coffee while you're at it.
  • Weekend Getaway in Tampere Pt I – For Foodies and the bon vivants

    Weekend Getaway in Tampere Pt I – For Foodies and the bon vivants

    Tampere is a city that completely surprised me. Despite being the second largest city in Finland, I hadn't really been here except for a transfer to the nearby airport, but other than that, I had no idea of what to expect of this little weekend trip. The city welcomed us with a quirky vibe of the local art and design scene, and a fantastic selection of restaurants and food options. Since we weather wasn't really on our side, that is exactly what we resorted out to. Part One of this little city guide - where to stay, what to eat, …
  • Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

    Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

    Huber lies in the heart of Tampere and attracts mainly meat lovers - even more intriguing to see how they would cater for my vegetarian dinner companion! As one of the very few restaurants in all of Finland, Huber offer dry aged meat for their guests, and put a focus on really high quality meat dishes, Finnish ingredients and also the service. Read all about a wonderful Dinner Date!
  • Summer Magic in Åland

    Summer Magic in Åland

    The Åland Islands are slowly becoming my favourite place ever. It is the absolute perfect and most scenic place to visit, the entire Western archipelago is a true hidden gem that is ideally discovered by bike. For me Åland is both relaxing and soothing, but equally great for an active holiday.
  • Nature, Muumins and pampering: My Side of Naantali

    Nature, Muumins and pampering: My Side of Naantali

    I'm constantly on the search for brief Helsinki escapes, from busy times working and all that. I knew Naantali only by the comparison of it being "the Miami of Finland" (without the drugs) and heard plenty of stories about it from friends praising it, but only recently I got my own first glimpse of this magical seaside town. Nature? Food? Some pampering? MUUMINS? What else could you ask for.
  • City Escape: Vallisaari

    City Escape: Vallisaari

    Only opened in May 2016, Vallisaari is a new treasure right in front of Helsinkis coastline. The fairly big island was in use under the military until pretty much now, but finally opened up for visitors as well. The island combines history and nature beautifully; for me the perfect alternative day trip for those seeking to avoid the crowds heading out to Suomenlinna.
  • Kemi: Olokolo or the Snowhotel?

    Kemi: Olokolo or the Snowhotel?

    Kemi up in Lapland, right at the Gulf of Bothnia, is a place of magic: it's home to the Snow Castle - yes, a castle and hotel completely built of snow and ice. Also, have you heard of the Olokolo?
  • Breaking the Ice with Sampo

    Breaking the Ice with Sampo

    Did you know that you can go on an icebreaker cruise in Kemi, Northern Finland? The unique experience takes you on the retired vessel "Sampo", who will also get you to plunge in the frozen water of the Arctic.
  • Lapland Getaway: Luosto

    Lapland Getaway: Luosto

    Getting out into the nature of pure, deep Finnish winter is something that everyone should experience. It makes you fall in love with the season, understand why winter can be incredible and just be out and away from daily life for a while. Luosto is an ideal spot to do that, amidst a gorgeous National Park and the Fells. Some action? Snowmobiling, skiing and husky sled safaris are only a few ideas.
  • NBE phone recap

    NBE phone recap

    The Nordic Bloggers' Experience 2016 is over and out! The campaign officially concluded on Wednesday the 26th, and now I am processing the events and experiences of last week by simply putting down a little best of phone snapshots along with some thoughts of the week.
  • #helsinkilove: Christmas vibes

    #helsinkilove: Christmas vibes

    I'm not wildly crazy about Christmas, but over the years I have learnt to appreciate the lights, the food, the vibes and the general coziness of this times of year. I also adore the Christmas markets, especially the one on the Senate Square in Helsinki is home to some wonderful gems.
  • The Getaway: 5 steps back to Sanity in Åland

    The Getaway: 5 steps back to Sanity in Åland

    Åland really is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen and the perfect place to let your daily life behind you. Countless islands, magical bays, endless skies - what could you need more to let your mind reset. Apart from lounging about on the rocks behind our cottage, there are of course a few more things to experience!
  • Helsinki City Escapes VI: Kayaking in the archipelago

    Helsinki City Escapes VI: Kayaking in the archipelago

    Kayaking season! Finally we can head out to the waters again. Where? Right in Helsinki of course. Where to go, what to do and what not - but mainly picture proof that Helsinki is paradise right around your corner.
  • Helsinki City Escape V: Kivinokka

    Helsinki City Escape V: Kivinokka

    Nature time! Especially in busy times I find nothing more soothing and liberating than a trip into nature. Helsinki offers stunningly beautiful nature all around the city, with the Kivinokka area just a good 20 minutes from the centre is one of the hidden gems many miss out on. Let's fix that.
  • Weekend trip: Lakeland Paradise Saimaa

    Weekend trip: Lakeland Paradise Saimaa

    Getting out from the city for a weekend is the easiest thing to do in Helsinki - with many great destinations being in reachable proximity. The stunningly beautiful lakeland region of Saimaa is only one of many. Within a 3 hour drive you are in the middle of Finnish nature at its greatest.
  • A Roadtrip Guide to Finland

    A Roadtrip Guide to Finland

    Roadtrips are my favourite way of travelling. It gives you complete independence and flexibility, you can go wherever you want, stop whenever you want, really discover a place, admire the sceneries and your own pace and however you want it to be. Finland offers amazing possibilities for heading out on the road - here are my tips on how to do it.
  • 4 Things to do in Porvoo (that you wouldn’t expect, necessarily)

    4 Things to do in Porvoo (that you wouldn’t expect, necessarily)

    Pretty little Porvoo is a popular day trip destination for Helsinkians - here's why you should spend more time in this fairytale town - it will surprise you.
  • Finnish winter memories #suomiretki

    It's still a bit dreary out there right now, but dreaming of Finnish winter gets me instantly happy and excited for snowfall and my favourite woolen hat. Here's what I'll be up to this season. YEY winter!