Hang around with me as I head on my restaurant adventures in Helsinki and Finland. As an avid fan of (New) Nordic Cuisine and trying new restaurants and dishes, the Dinner Date series takes you to some of the best and interesting places.

Disclaimer: I am not a food critic. But I love eating and food and I have opinions. I won't rant on bad places, that is a waste of my time. However, I am happy to share some constructive criticism and ideas or hints on what to try. Enjoy my ramblings!
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  • Dinner Date: Restaurant Nolla

    Dinner Date: Restaurant Nolla

    Nolla is a newbie in the Helsinki restaurant scene and was only open for a few days when we visited. What’s special about this place? A unique story and concept: Nolla, which means zero in Finnish, is a completely zero-waste restaurant, and they take this mission to the next level while using only local and organic ingredients. How did that work out and how is that reflected on the menu? Let me show you.       The ambience in the restaurant is cozy and laid back, dark wooden furniture, decor and feeling that could be in an old fishermen’s hangout, …
  • Hietalahti market hall – Helsinki’s foodie paradise

    Hietalahti market hall – Helsinki’s foodie paradise

    Helsinki's three market halls all live their own characteristics. The old market hall at the South Harbour is mostly a spot for visitors, although it remains beautiful and charming, the market in Hakaniemi is the destination for locals to get high-quality meat, fish and produce, and the market hall in Hietalahti strikes with a best of the best of the Capitals restaurant scene and is also known for their flea markets mostly in the summertime. Hietalahden kauppahalli is rebranding into not only a lunch spot but a magical place to hang out with friends, spend quality time and discover culinary delights, …
  • Dinner Date: Ravintola Werner

    Dinner Date: Ravintola Werner

    This could be my favourite restaurant – and I don’t say this lightly! After several visits to Werner and always being somewhat mind-blown from flavour, composition and just sheer delight in various aspects, I got to visit this amazing place again recently and try a best-of their current and upcoming menu. Fresh from the grill, their dishes are just simply something else. Let me show you why. Werner’s cuisine focuses on combining many local ingredients with flavours and inspiration from the Mediterranean, without becoming pretentious. The open grill is definitely something that’s unique to Helsinki’s restaurant scene, the bright atmosphere while …
  • Dinner Date: OLO Garden & Bar

    Dinner Date: OLO Garden & Bar

    Olo is arguably one of the top restaurants in the Finnish Capital and it’s always been on my list of places to go to for a special occasion. So in all my years in Helsinki, I had never been. Olo hosted a dinner for bloggers the other week and I couldn’t contain my excitement when I got an invitation to that. This evening promised to be exciting and full of amazing flavours – and it did not disappoint.   Olo Garden & Bar is the more casual little brother of Olo Restaurant and is located in the backyard of the …
  • Top 8 Pizza spots in Helsinki

    Top 8 Pizza spots in Helsinki

    Don't we all love ourselves a good pizza? The ultimate deliciousness and comfort food, thick or thin crust, do you prefer a juicy tomato base or a pizza bianca? While I personally am still on the hunt for the best Capricciosa (my ultimate favourite - cooked ham, artichoke and mushrooms) the offer for amazing pizza is not short here in Helsinki. The city have been stepping up its pizza game big time in the last year or two, and it's pretty much just down to personal preference. Here are mine: Daddy Green's Pizzabar A neighbourhood favourite that brings a cozy yet …
  • Dinner Date: Bar Cón

    Dinner Date: Bar Cón

    Kortteli in Kamppi recently opened with a bunch of great new restaurants, and I’m still on my way to taste every single one of them. For the misters recent birthday, I booked us a table at Bar Cón, which is located on the 6th floor of the mall and regardless of what it might seem like at first, certainly one of the nicest locations of Korttelit (for not having the great window front). This fancy Tapas bar struck me as the perfect place for an intimate dinner for two, sharing all the things and enjoying a relaxed, slow dining experience …
  • Dinner Date: Fisken på disken

    Dinner Date: Fisken på disken

    Seafood and fish is a vital part of Finnish food culture, and Fisken på disken brings the best of it to the heart of Helsinki. Along with a bunch of other restaurants, young chefs have set up this modern joint in the new Kortteli court of the Kamppi mall. I do like fish and seafood, yet there aren't really places I'd call a go-to for anyone craving seafood - so I was so happy to see them arrive and give their menu a go!
  • Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

    Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

    Huber lies in the heart of Tampere and attracts mainly meat lovers - even more intriguing to see how they would cater for my vegetarian dinner companion! As one of the very few restaurants in all of Finland, Huber offer dry aged meat for their guests, and put a focus on really high quality meat dishes, Finnish ingredients and also the service. Read all about a wonderful Dinner Date!
  • Dinner Date: Roster (pop-up)

    Dinner Date: Roster (pop-up)

    Yes, this visit concludes our dinner at the Roster pop-up, but hold on there: the Unioninkatu pop-up restaurant was set up as a trial run for the real deal whereas the pop-up itself was only open for a couple of days. Roster at the corner of Pohjois-Espa and Unioninkatu will open on June 17th – which is this coming Friday! Not that we’d need any occasion for fancy food (I do consider this as a hobby at this point), yet Roster was our choice for an anniversary dinner. The location in the space at Basso Radio is not quite what …
  • Dinner Date: Juuri

    Dinner Date: Juuri

    This Dinner Date post is actually the result of a lunch visit, but that's okay. This time, I'm taking you to one of the most established places in Helsinki, Juuri. It took me a while to finally fully experience what they have to offer, and I hope this posts will inspire you to not wait as long as I did! Traditional Finnish dishes with a twist and a fresh interpretation, great service and casual atmosphere. I'll be back soon.
  • Dinner Date: #HelsinkiSecret & Heleats

    Dinner Date: #HelsinkiSecret & Heleats

    Have you considered casual fine dining at home yet? If not, let yourself be inspired by this delicious menu created by Heleats, that you can have prepared for you right at home, if you want. New Nordic Cuisine is constantly evolving and rediscovering itself in all kinds of magical ways. Are you hungry yet?
  • Dinner Date: Cauliflowering with STREAT and Hörte Brygga

    Dinner Date: Cauliflowering with STREAT and Hörte Brygga

    A dinner only made of...cauliflower?! Yes, the guys from tiny restaurant in the South of Sweden, Hörte Brygga, created a menu consisting pretty much of only one ingredient. Read more about the deconstruction of both street food and fine dining and why cauliflower is a veggie star!
  • Dinner Date: Kaskis in Turku

    Dinner Date: Kaskis in Turku

    Dinner Date time! When visiting Turku, make a note of reserving a table at Kaskis, where I had one of the most amazing dinners ever. Read and see for yourself and you'll probably get why.
  • Dinner Date: Baskeri ja Basso

    Dinner Date: Baskeri ja Basso

    In a rather unexpected setting, somewhere in the end of Eira, you'll find a gem of a neighbourhood restaurant that makes Helsinkis food and restaurant scene so distinct and exciting. Fine dining in casual atmosphere, delicious wines and food - this is a prime example of what makes the Finnish food scene so exciting and interesting.