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Autumn of Light

The festival of light takes place in Linnanmäki amusement park these days, which is a spectacle of light installations around the rides and in the park. You can visit it until October 19th, still.

My festival of light is autumn. Let alone the view out of my window over Töölönlahti is so stunning. I can almost see the leaves change their colours from a deep, saturated green in to the colours of Ruska.


At nighttime, it’s the subtle green lighting down in the park, the cathedral in all its majestic beauty reigning over Helsinki and the city lights around the center, Töölö and Kallio that bathe Helsinki in this distinctive autumn glow.


Helsinki in autumn is like a painted picture I put up on my wall that reminds me every day why I’m here and why I love this city so much.

It’s that magical time of year that has inspired me to the name of my blog.

My luminous city.

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