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A wintery walk & why I love the cold


We had a white Christmas in Helsinki this year and I am glad to have had a couple of cozy, quiet nights with loved ones, all that real kitschy Christmas time everyone always dreams of. Minus the terribly annoying music and plus more wine and cheese.

All that food called for a walk in the bright crisp winter weather out there, so a casual stroll around the inland bay Töölönlahti was just the right thing to to.

I’ve always been terrible with heat, so I am genuinely happy for temperatures below zero, happily dancing in the snow and eagerly waiting for the sea to freeze so I can go skate on it. I recall arriving to a Game of Thrones evening with friends in April in a teeny tiny jumpsuit, sweating like crazy, red glowing of heat – only to find my Finnish friend in jeans and leather jacket – which I found very confusing as I was catching my breath while I was about to melt. I am clearly not made for anything above 23°C and my body simply functions better in the cold. My summer motto: Just put me in a cold room and wait for it to cool down. Is that only me?

So yes, I guess I didn’t end up in the North by coincidence!




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    January 3, 2015 at 04:39

    And really really miss those couple of cold days here Helsinki.

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