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Hotel Sokos Presidentti: A magical Birthday Staycation

Happy birthday to me! I turned 28 recently, exactly one month ago, to be precise. This year, there was no wild party, there was no trip, I needed a time-out. The perfect recipe for that?  A Staycation. Whoever came up with that concept was a genius. There was nothing but my wonderful friend Eva, bubbles and donuts – in the most perfect luxurious hotel getaway you could go for in Helsinki, at Sokos Hotel Presidentti



This was the first time I spent my birthday like this, there was no party, there was nothing “special” happening that day – it was me and my friend and a one-day-check-out from reality. I didn’t need a wild party, I didn’t want to go out and go crazy, I wanted a little getaway, but sometimes life happens and that’s not an option. The perfect solution? Go for a staycation. You don’t have to wander far to find special places.

Sokos Hotel Presidentti right behind Kamppi in the city centre, treated me to a Helsinki Staycation, and it was just what I needed. There wasn’t really any way I’d have rather spent my birthday this year. In a busy period of time both at work and life in general, escaping into the magical world of Ivana Helsinki’s midsummer was just the thing to take my mind off everything that bothered me that day. Birthdays are supposed to be a happy time in your life and filled with joy and love so the recipe is easy: take friends add more bubbles and even more donuts, take a dip in the pool, sweat it out in the sauna, dress up – like I did in my theme-matching Ivana Helsinki Marnie blouse – and go for a fancy dinner.

And just feel special for a day.

One of my favourite Design brands designing a fancy new hotel room was an absolute treat. Ivana Helsinki has made its name through artsy prints and patterns, yet timeless pieces that combine both the Nordic oddity and classic elements. I picked the midsummer themed room, that’s a dreamy picturebook full of flowers and stories. The summer myth goes so, that unmarried girls collect seven different flowers, from seven different meadows, and places them under her pillow to dream of her future husband that night. Those seven different flowers make the whole beautiful spirit of the room, and reveals a tiny piece of Finnish nature right there (plus the giant Mosquito wall carpet – definitely a conversation piece). The midsummer rooms were just finished recently and is a little hideaway in a place that literally couldn’t be any more centrally located. Presidentti was opened in the 80s for the Olympic Games that were to be held in Moscow, and served as a venue for all kinds of functions related to that. Lately, the whole place has been revamped and modernised, from the now cool and modern, dark lobby area to the highlight of the hotel, the Ivana Helsinki rooms. Other equally fitting themes are Silence, “Sisu”, Winterstorm and Dreamforest. Make your pick. For another trip within a trip, without even leaving the building, there’s lunch and dinner at the Spanish-inspired Sevilla restaurant.


Don’t be fooled by the common pressure from outside to celebrate yourself on your birthday by having to be social in any way. This is a day that’s about you, so treat yourself. Getting out from your everyday life doesn’t have to equal a luxury trip far away. An extraordinary experience can be just around the corner. 


Thank you to Sokos Hotel Presidentti, Ivana Helsinki and Pieni Ideapuoti for this wonderful birthday! 

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    Veera Bianca
    May 27, 2017 at 15:01

    Love all these photos <3 I think this is how I want to celebrate my bday next year!

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