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  • Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

    Dinner Date: Ravinteli Huber in Tampere

    Huber lies in the heart of Tampere and attracts mainly meat lovers - even more intriguing to see how they would cater for my vegetarian dinner companion! As one of the very few restaurants in all of Finland, Huber offer dry aged meat for their guests, and put a focus on really high quality meat dishes, Finnish ingredients and also the service. Read all about a wonderful Dinner Date! Continue reading...
  • Work Life Essentials – What’s in my bag?

    Work Life Essentials – What’s in my bag?

    As a self-employed office nomad woman (= meaning that I don't have a permanent, set office), I carry a lot of stuff around with me. Besides doing a lot of work from home, I tend to venture between different co-working spaces and cafés, to mix things up a bit. Check out my list of favourite places to get work done here, maybe you'll run into me to there some day! Today I will share with you what I schlepp about and how. Continue reading...
  • Summer Magic in Åland

    Summer Magic in Åland

    The Åland Islands are slowly becoming my favourite place ever. It is the absolute perfect and most scenic place to visit, the entire Western archipelago is a true hidden gem that is ideally discovered by bike. For me Åland is both relaxing and soothing, but equally great for an active holiday. Continue reading...
  • Nature, Muumins and pampering: My Side of Naantali

    Nature, Muumins and pampering: My Side of Naantali

    I'm constantly on the search for brief Helsinki escapes, from busy times working and all that. I knew Naantali only by the comparison of it being "the Miami of Finland" (without the drugs) and heard plenty of stories about it from friends praising it, but only recently I got my own first glimpse of this magical seaside town. Nature? Food? Some pampering? MUUMINS? What else could you ask for. Continue reading...
  • Dinner Date: Taste of Helsinki 2016

    Dinner Date: Taste of Helsinki 2016

    Taste of Helsinki is the event to be for foodies, curious minds and wine lovers. The best restaurants of the cityRead more » Continue reading...
  • Dinner Date: Roster (pop-up)

    Dinner Date: Roster (pop-up)

    Yes, this visit concludes our dinner at the Roster pop-up, but hold on there: the Unioninkatu pop-up restaurant was setRead more » Continue reading...
  • City Escape: Vallisaari

    City Escape: Vallisaari

    Only opened in May 2016, Vallisaari is a new treasure right in front of Helsinkis coastline. The fairly big island was in use under the military until pretty much now, but finally opened up for visitors as well. The island combines history and nature beautifully; for me the perfect alternative day trip for those seeking to avoid the crowds heading out to Suomenlinna. Continue reading...
  • Dinner Date: Juuri

    Dinner Date: Juuri

    This Dinner Date post is actually the result of a lunch visit, but that's okay. This time, I'm taking you to one of the most established places in Helsinki, Juuri. It took me a while to finally fully experience what they have to offer, and I hope this posts will inspire you to not wait as long as I did! Traditional Finnish dishes with a twist and a fresh interpretation, great service and casual atmosphere. I'll be back soon. Continue reading...
  • My ReLEx® SMILE laser eye surgery experience

    My ReLEx® SMILE laser eye surgery experience

    After several years of contemplating to have my eye sight corrected, I took the step in April 2016. I hadRead more » Continue reading...
  • Helsinki Coffee Festival / Finnish Roasteries to watch

    Helsinki Coffee Festival / Finnish Roasteries to watch

    The Helsinki Coffee Festival celebrates the mighty bean and also teaches visitors and curious coffee drinkers about the newest trends and methods, but the actual coffee tasting ain't coming short either. In addition to a couple of impressions from the festival, I picked my favourite roasteries from around Finland to watch out for (and try). Continue reading...
  • Helsinki: Best places to get some work done (Part 1)

    Helsinki: Best places to get some work done (Part 1)

    Freelancers, students, visitors who need to get down to business: this post is for you. I enjoy my home office but on days where I really need to get things done it's the safer option for me to be away from my sofa and fridge. Here's my part one of the best cafés and workplaces in Helsinki. Criteria? Mainly coffee and wifi. Continue reading...
  • Dinner Date: #HelsinkiSecret & Heleats

    Dinner Date: #HelsinkiSecret & Heleats

    Have you considered casual fine dining at home yet? If not, let yourself be inspired by this delicious menu created by Heleats, that you can have prepared for you right at home, if you want. New Nordic Cuisine is constantly evolving and rediscovering itself in all kinds of magical ways. Are you hungry yet? Continue reading...
  • Kemi: Olokolo or the Snowhotel?

    Kemi: Olokolo or the Snowhotel?

    Kemi up in Lapland, right at the Gulf of Bothnia, is a place of magic: it's home to the Snow Castle - yes, a castle and hotel completely built of snow and ice. Also, have you heard of the Olokolo? Continue reading...
  • Dinner Date: Cauliflowering with STREAT and Hörte Brygga

    Dinner Date: Cauliflowering with STREAT and Hörte Brygga

    A dinner only made of...cauliflower?! Yes, the guys from tiny restaurant in the South of Sweden, Hörte Brygga, created a menu consisting pretty much of only one ingredient. Read more about the deconstruction of both street food and fine dining and why cauliflower is a veggie star! Continue reading...
  • Breaking the Ice with Sampo

    Breaking the Ice with Sampo

    Did you know that you can go on an icebreaker cruise in Kemi, Northern Finland? The unique experience takes you on the retired vessel "Sampo", who will also get you to plunge in the frozen water of the Arctic. Continue reading...

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